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Fundamentals of Building Lean Muscle Mass
By [http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Dane_C._Fletcher]Dane C. Fletcher

If you want to increase your lean muscle mass, you need to understand the fundamentals of muscle building. If you apply the proper techniques in your training you will be able to build your muscles. You cannot be able to increase your lean muscles by merely wishful thinking. You need to change your lifestyle by incorporating the factors below;

1. Eat quality food
You should not expect to increase your muscle mass if you do not eat the right foods. You should focus on eating whole meals as opposed to junk foods if you wish to increase your muscle density and mass. The whole idea of eating whole meals is to provide your body with fuel to undertake the intense training. Junk food on the other hand contain empty calories which are not going to help you train intensely. You need to ensure that you eat enough food also in order to increase your muscles mass. You need to spread your meal intake throughout the day. It is recommended that you eat 6 times a day as opposed to the conventional 3 meals a day.

2. Eat to fuel intense training
If you do not eat enough food you will not be able to fuel your body and hence undertake intense workouts. The body needs to be nourished with sufficient calories for it to be able to withstand the intense workout. Failure to eat sufficient foods then do not expect to increase muscle mass.

3. Free weight
If you want to increase your lean muscles you need to focus on using free weights in your training. This is because they are very efficient when it comes to building the muscles. When you train using free weights you will be able to maintain proper form throughout the entire workout session.

4. Incorporate partials
The importance of incorporating partials when it comes to helping you increase your muscles mass cannot be overemphasized. They help you focus on building your muscle density as well as increase the power of your muscles since you can be able to handle the double workload.

5. Apply compound movement exercises
This is a multi joint exercise meaning that you can be able to train more than one muscle joint at the same time. If you want to spend less time in the gym, compound movement exercises are going to help you achieve this. The key to building bigger muscles does not rely on training for long periods of time. In fact when you prolong your training you are going to lose the already acquired muscles. To prevent this from happening you need to shorten your training sessions to at least 45 minutes a session. Compound movement exercises will ensure that you train your muscles during this period.

6. Train in proper form
If you want to increase your lean muscles you need to ensure that you train in proper form. This is because when you train using bad form you are going to injure yourself.

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